Welcome to Rehoboth Microfinance Bank. We are one of the fastest growing microfinance banks in Nigeria and we have lots of satisfied customers to show for it. Join us today!

Some of Our Exciting Products

Dream Savings Account

Specially designed for meeting future targeted financial needs such as savings for marriage, festivals, etc.

Education Account

Designed for children. Parents can open and operate this account on behalf of their children.

Better Life Account

This enables you to save a specific amount on a daily basis for a specific period of either 6 months or one year.

Rehoboth Gold Account

This is a full fledged current account which grants you access to all other products of the bank.

Rehoboth Asset Leasing

The bank finances the purchase of household items while you pay over a period of time.

LPO Financing

This is packaged to help fund LPO transactions from blue chips and reputable organizations.

This is a savings account specially packaged to allow the customer pay in cheques and dividend warrants and can be issued cheque book it requested.
This product is designed to encourage savings among the target customers. Loan/Overdraft can only be given on this account after you have contributed up to half of the month, and if is based on the amount you contribute daily.
This product is a current account targeted at high income earners with steady cash flow and with personalized financial services.
This account is targeted at the Unions, Groups, Association and is basically developed to augment working capital.